Rampage of appreciation time!

Rampage of appreciation time!

I love getting back in the vortex! I love how walking always brings epiphanies! I love caffeine! I love my friends! I love life! I love talking to Kelly about our regimen! I love making salsa! I love realizing that I can choose to stay feeling good! I love grocery shopping! I love 6 mile walks! I love my cats and how cute they are! I love realizing that when I'm feeling good, I should do shit to milk the feeling instead of dicking around online! I love feeling generous instead of miserly! I love realizing how far I've come! I love directing my thoughts! I love goth music! I love that Kelly is into it too! I love my girlfriend! I love how my thoughts make things happen! I love where I am right now! I love feeling like my life is an adventure! I love talking about life with people who like to think! I love figuring out the meaning to life!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    i love where you wrote this!

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