I am so grateful to be…

I am so grateful to be…

I am so grateful to be awake and alive! I am so grateful I get to sleep as long as I want! I am so grateful I have two beautiful chippies who make life so fun! I am so glad I am in control of my thoughts! I am so refreshed from a long sleep and ready to have another wonderful day! I'm so grateful for spinach smoothies and fruit! I'm so grateful I know exactly what I can eat and still feel great! I'm so grateful for the beautiful girlfriend sleeping in my bed! I am so grateful I'm inspired to work on life design lesson 4 today! I'm so grateful we're going to take a long fun walk and meditate! I'm so grateful we have enough food to eat & a roof over our heads & running water & amazing chippies! I am so grateful I can remember my dreams & they're funny! I'm so grateful I know how to listen to my body, especially when it's time to lay off the peanut butter! I'm so grateful I remembered to do this exercise because it's totally changing my day around already! I'm so grateful I just remembered part of my dream where I was talking to Gala & it was hilarious! I am so grateful for this delicious spinach smoothie!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • David Botevyle

    Why switch your image through 180 degrees?

    What effect does eating too much peanut butter have?

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