Spa day – pierced my lip & shaved my head!

  • David Botevyle

    I recall you sharing your desire to shave your hair in a similar way to that of an image you admired and posted, but what prompted the lip-piercing?

    (On a practical level, I would somehow imagine it being awkward to drink from a mug/cup without dribbling down the side. Maybe you’ll stick to drinking spinach smoothies etc through a straw to avoid the issue.)

  • jessica mullen

    i had it pierced long ago & the hole was still mostly there. just had to jam some new jewelry in there.

    it’s really not a big deal in terms of drinking.

  • jetta vegas

    i can’t stop looking at this. i love it. <3 like seriously, it makes me so happy haha

  • Emma Marie

    Awesome head!

  • jessica mullen

    thanks ladies!!

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