Month: September 2010

cs portfolio

UIUC Department of Computer Science

Winter 2007 | Visit the live site here

Redesigned current website to establish a dynamic, informative and engaging web presence that clearly illustrates leadership in computer science education and research. By incorporating a tag cloud in the site navigation and by showing a preview of content when rolling over a link, the site visit is quicker and allows the user to browse faster with less clicks.

Role: graphic design. Collaboration with Kelly Cree.

iti portfolio

Information Trust Institute


iti 2
Spring 2008 | Visit the live site here

ITI's redesign uses dynamic information graphics to aid navigation. Each rectangle next to a navigation item represents an item in the sub-navigation. Rolling over these items presents a preview of the breadcrumb trail associated with that sub-nav item. This site communicates with its audience, mostly engineers, analytically to create a rich user experience with fewer clicks.

Role: information architecture, graphic design. Collaboration with Kelly Cree. Developed by Jeff Merrick.

Gathering Momentum

I am so grateful for a badass night with friends and peacocks and…

I am so grateful Betty took us to Mayfield park yesterday to see the peacocks! I am so grateful she drove us up the hill on Montopolis to see the beautiful city at sunset! I'm so grateful she came over and had wine with us! I'm so grateful we met Amber's friend Manny who lives in our apartment complex! I'm so grateful the four of us walked to Bouldin for dinner! I'm so grateful we have so many amazing friends! I'm so grateful Annalise came and met us at Bouldin! I'm so grateful we went to La Mexicana for tacos! I'm so grateful we find new gems and treasures in our neighborhood all the time! I'm so grateful Stephen came over after we got back from Bouldin! I'm so grateful Annalise gave us a ride home! I'm so grateful we got egged on the walk to Bouldin because it was so hilarious!

I'm so grateful we had so much fun staying up late talking to our friends about the meaning of life. I'm so grateful I chugged a ton of water before bed. I'm so grateful everything is so fun. I'm so grateful we got up and RAN with Annalise this morning! I'm so grateful we got to go at 11am instead of 7am! I'm so grateful we're about to get in the shower then see Betty again! I'm so grateful we get to go to Bananarchy tonight! I'm so grateful we get to see PeeWee's Big Adventure in the PARK tonight! I'm so grateful we'll get to see our friend Caitlin again tonight! I'm so grateful we have a beautiful salad to eat for lunch!

I'm so grateful for WordPress and how you can edit images in it now! I'm so grateful for the image galleries in WordPress! I'm so grateful people our helping us with October rent! I'm so grateful I feel SO HAPPY TODAY!!!

Gathering Momentum

notes on today’s beautiful 3 mile run with @annalisejohnson

Though we had a hard time getting out of bed after an awesome night with friends, Kelly and I drove over to Annalise's this morning to go for our first "run club" run. Annalise, our friend J'aime, Kelly and me are all running the Austin Half Marathon together in February! So we are attempting weekly group runs on Wednesdays. We ran an easy 1.5 miles around Annalise's neighborhood and walked the rest in the beautiful sunshine. I sweat out my red wine film and felt great. Afterwards we made a spinach smoothie in Annalise's Vitamix and it was ALL SO PERFECT. I love run club!
kel n me smoothin