rampage of appreciation #5

rampage of appreciation #5


I ADORE figuring out CSS bugs! I love drinking polar pops! I love being in the vortex! I love eating kale chips! I love making salsa! I love coming home from the hot sauce festival and making my own salsa/hot sauce! I love dancing to cumbia! I love reading in the pool! I love my girlfriend! I love Sunday evenings! I love eating bananas and peanut butter! I love that our house smells like salsa! I love the dude at the gas station! I love brainstorming sessions with Kelly! I love that we figured out our new logo system! I love that I get to go to the dentist tomorrow for the first time in 5 years! I love that my teeth are in perfect condition anyway! I love my chippies! I love how they are always being way too cute! I love hot showers after swimming! I love wearing my cowboy hat to the pool! I love eavesdropping on other people chillin at the pool! I LOVE working on our vision board and adding beautiful rainbowy & vortexish images! I love listening to this trance tribute to Depeche Mode! I love Depeche Mode! I love getting back into Tejano music! I love how much Tejano is on the radio here!

I love listening to Jerry & Esther Hicks mp3s! I love my iPhone! I love that I have a new social sharing plugin on this site! I love that a lovely reader suggested I do it! I love how perfect this day has been! I love being inspired to do creative work even after a long day of doing shit! I love love love the Austin Yellow Bike Project! I love all the girls we met there! I love that I get to learn how to CONSTRUCT A BICYCLE FROM SCRATCH! I love that I get to build a bike for myself from scratch! I love that tomorrow is the beginning of a whole new week! I love our apartment! I love how trippy my life is! I love how fun today has been! I love being excited for tomorrow! I love all the new vegan food carts opening in Austin! I LOVE AUSTIN! I LOVE MY LIFE!

Jessica Mullen
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