rampage of appreciation #4

pulsing vortex

rampage of appreciation #4

pulsing vortex
I love pulsing vortices! image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos

I love that I'm writing this rampage already in the vortex! I love how good I feel after drinking a spinach smoothie! I love that I stopped writing this for a minute to return emails because having a clean inbox makes me feel RAWESOME. I LOVE that I'm making kale chips in the dehydrator! I love that I've been so happy with the way I've been eating the past couple days (spinach smoothies, lots of fruit & a touch of peanut butter)! I love my life SO MUCH! I love all the positive feedback I've been getting on the School of Life Design! OMG it has been incredible! I love getting new subscribers to the Life Design mailing list! I love plotting the next Life Design email I'll send out! I love all the new people who have been coming into my life through this site! I love that I have google voice all hooked up now and that it is so easy to use! I love that we have a beautiful swimming pool that we're about to go swim in! I love reading while chillin in the pool! I love that I'm re-reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill because it is benefitting me so much more the second time around!

I love that I get to do exactly what I want every single day! I love that I've been SO inspired to work on Life Design lesson 3! I love that I wrote the majority of it today, but am still finding new ideas to add to it everywhere I turn! I love that I have a new way of designing the post! I love that my dreams have been so vivid lately! I love our apartment and how organized it is! I love this beautiful city! I love that I finally returned our last Jerry & Esther Hicks DVDs to netflix so we can get the next one! I love that Kelly is so sweet to me and chops kale for me! I love that she is so smart about PCs! I love how she so patiently re-installed windows! I love how she always gives me little backrubs when she walks past me! I FUCKING LOVE BACKRUBS ALMOST MORE THAN ANYTHING OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I love that we're going to record an episode of the podcast now! I love how full and productive this day is, even though it is seeming completely effortless!

I love that Kelly is cool with me doing my own thing with food for a minute! I love that she is so accepting and understanding and only wants me to be happy! I love that we just chilled last night together instead of going out and forcing ourselves to come up with some action to make us feel good! I love that neither of us has a problem with turning off a crappy movie halfway through! I love my life in this city in this country in this world in this universe! I FUCKING LOVE CREATING MY OWN REALITY! I love that when I write Life Design posts I get totally freaked out about the enormity of what I'm writing! BECAUSE THIS SHIT WORKS AND LIFE REALLY IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! I LOVE MY LIFE!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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