Rampage of Appreciation #3

Rampage of Appreciation #3

I love getting up early! I love getting back into running! I love running down the hill on south 1st street! I love that my body forced me to take it easy on me knee by tripping my ass! I love that I woke up at 9pm last night and went for a run by myself! I love that I had a wonderful sleepy Headdybear to come home to! I love that we got a new meditation candle today! I love that the weather is cooling off and that we will be able to leave the house during the day now! I love that we got up at 4am! I love being on diurnal! I love that Kelly and I are both super feeling eating raw again! I love that I was so inspired to start life design lesson 3 this morning and that it is all coming together so effortlessly! I love not having Tweetdeck open all day! I love that our house is clean and we have a fully stocked fridge! I love my kitties! I love linty even though she just barfed! I LOVE that we got an audio cable to record my phone into Garageband so we can START RECORDING THE JAMS! I love how good it feels to type out this rampage! I love listening to Abraham while making smoothies for my beautiful girlfriend! I love that my beautiful girlfriend is willing to clean the bathroom while I make smoothies! I love that she is willing to mop while I make dinner! I love that we have so much balance in our relationship! I love the cute clothes she wears! I love that she inspires me to do things! I love that I bought new yellow ink from Rick's Refills this morning! I love that the trunk is almost free of crap FROM WHEN WE MOVED! I love that Joy got a puppy! I love that I can get all my work done before 11am! I love that my hair is pink! I love that Kelly is playing online poker and massively winning! I love making fractal art! I love my physical body! I love how strong my legs and feet are! I love how strong my arms are getting! I love how I always feel like I'm tripping! I love how freaky life is when you think about it a lot! I love where I am right now! I love playing the checkbook game and figuring out what I'm going to spend all my cold hard cash on!

I love my life! I love my friends! I love being up during the day, co-creating with other people! I love remembering my dreams! I love working for myself! I love creating! I LOVE the progress on our vision board! I love where I'm at RIGHT NOW!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • mouse

    Thanks for writing your rampages on your website.. reading them makes me feel good!!!

  • jessica mullen

    yay thanks glad you enjoy them, they make me feel so good to write them!

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