rampage of appreciation #2

rampage of appreciation #2

I love waking up at 4am! I love waking up next to my beautiful girlfriend who always helps me get in a good mood! I love listening to the "new age essentials" genre station on pandora while I focus on feeling good in the morning! I love that I don't have to go to a job! I love that I get to control everything that I do in my life and that I am in complete control of my experience! I love that I can concentrate on making myself feel good whenever I want! I love that I get to go on loooong walks during sunrise! I love meditating to raise my vibration! I love that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am a vibrational being who chose to come to this time and space reality! I love being in control of my reality! I love all the options that open up before me every single day! I love that I can concentrate without interruption whenever I wish! I love my body and the food I eat to fuel it! I love my kitties and my family and this beautiful city that I live in!

I love that I get to work on course materials for the School of Life Design! I love that I get to teach the exact course I want to teach! I love learning as I teach! I love that I am so inspired to work on the creative projects that I am excited about! I love that people are responding so well to the School of Life Design! I love that I learn so much from teaching! I love that I am a teacher and a student always! I love that it is a brand new fresh morning at 5:38am and there is nothing that can go wrong with this day! I love working myself up into a positive feeling frenzy so early in the morning, because it will set me up to have a wonderful day! I love that I am not afraid to publish my life on the Internet! I love the Internet! I love that I get to connect with so many wonderful people every day!

I love all the feedback I receive from friends and strangers! I love making connections with new people and old friends! I love being so excited to start my day! I love going to sleep feeling awesome and waking up feeling even better! I LOVE being on diurnal instead of nocturnal! I love greeting the sunrise! I love the way my body feels after drinking a spinach smoothie! I love all the energy pulsing through my veins right now! I love working on fractal art and writing emails to my mentors and Internet heroes! I love how inspired I feel right now to do all the creative things I desire! I love working on the School of Life Design so much that it is the only thing I can think about right now! I love that I am doing exactly what I want with my life right now!

I love how supportive my friends and family are of my endeavors! I love that I don't ever have to worry about money because it is meaningless as long as I have enough to eat and pay rent, which I always do! I always have way more money than I need, so I never need to worry about it! I love that my girlfriend and I are so on the same level so we can both write rampages of appreciation and raise our vibrations together! I love how I can give myself visual hallucinations whenever I wish!

I love that I live in such a wonderful active healthy city with such beautiful sights! I love that I have created this reality with my mind and that I chose to come into a physical body to feel source come through me! I love when I remember that source is feeling through my body RIGHT NOW. I love that source can feel the keyboard beneath my fingertips, that I am visually interpreting vibrations with my eyes and ears and skin and nose and tongue!

I love feeling source in my body! I love feeling like GOD! I love feeling in control of my entire experience here! I love that I know exactly what is going on and am not afraid of it! I love that I have attracted the information I have at the exact right time!

I love my physical body! I love feeling source energy active and guiding me with my emotions! I love that I can choose to be in the vortex at every moment! I love that I create all of this, and that I have the power to create the reality I desire!


Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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    this makes me feel so good to read :DDDDDD

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