5 Fantastic Abraham/Law of Attraction videos

5 Fantastic Abraham/Law of Attraction videos

I'm trying this game out, beginning today! I just paid $1000 towards my student loans.

More on the money spending game:

Marijuana & the law of attraction:

Breaking caffeine addiction:

Aligning with your veritable fortune:

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Mouse

    Wow.. absolutely fascinating! I have a serious issues concerning money in my life- lack of it, fear of never getting it, fear of spending it when I do have it… the “prosperity game” sounds like something that is definitely worth a shot. I even have checks here from an account that was closed – I can use those!

  • David Botevyle

    Abraham / Esther appears to be a very gifted speaker and speaks with great insight of the human condition, so personal to those they / she addresses. Intially it seemed that LoA could come across as being a bit self centred and focussed on possibly satisfying selfish desires, however a valid point is made in one video where as you draw wealth to yourself, there is great potential for others around us to benefit as this wealth is then spent on goods and services they are able to provide. It would clearly support our respective local communities if lived out in this manner.

  • jessica mullen

    Mouse, so glad you’re trying this out too! Loved hearing about what you spent your $ on the other day… my loans are getting paid off so quickly! It is really making a difference in how I look at money…

    David, glad you watched some videos, Abraham is certainly a comforting entity in my life. LoA does seem selfish at first, but I believe they are right when they say that each individual can only control his/her own experience and no one else’s, so it would make sense to worry primarily about one’s own happiness. Happy people lead by example.

  • David Botevyle

    Happy people (might) lead by example but that does not necessarily go hand in hand with happy people being good examples as leaders or in leadership.

    I came across this BBC article quite recently even though it seems to have been published late last year.


  • jessica mullen

    being grumpy is a way to perpetuate your current reality. observing all that is wrong is a good way to ask for more of it. negative moods which “trigger more attentive, careful thinking, paying greater attention to the external world” do exactly that. of course that is what grumpy people are good at – observing and reacting.

    a positive thinker spends time creating what she wants. be the change you want to see in the world.

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