I am so grateful for…

I am so grateful for…

colored pencils
I am so grateful for these beautiful colored pencils and their cute shavings!

I am so grateful that Kelly and I walked over 13 miles yesterday! I am so grateful that we were ballsy enough to walk home 7 miles from Stephen's place at 4:30am! I am so grateful for our incredible sunrise-on-the-rooftop, taco-brownie-espresso Whole Foods breakfast! I am so grateful we got to come home and space out to more Abraham teachings, which totally made me TRIP OUT. I'm so grateful I had this bizarre new insight into a way to unconditionally love myself–to picture my higher self watching my physical self with love and adoration! Weird huh?! I am so grateful we got to sleep for 10 glorious hours during the heat of the day! I am so grateful we are on this bizarre sleep schedule that makes every day feel like a vacation, and today in particular is a beautiful snow day!

kel preride

I am so grateful for a SUPER FUN TRIPPY bus ride all around Austin yesterday! Kel and I got on the bus that stops outside our apartment, rode it through the entire route, and got back off when it came back to our place. We met a new friend and I took lots of photos!

the 10

the capitol
the capitol
Our new friend Joseph
Our new friend Joseph

I am so grateful to finally figure out how to eat! Here's the secret: before every single thing I eat, I ask myself: will eating this make me feel good or bad? It makes eating SO SIMPLE. Spinach smoothie? Makes me feel good! Fritos? Make me feel bad! Apple? Makes me feel good! Tons of fried shit? Makes me feel bad! I am so grateful I have decided to care about how I feel!

I am so grateful to be anticipating a delicious kale salad for dinner! I am so grateful for Jerry and Esther, who we get to meet in October! I am so grateful for vegan food trailers in Austin. I am so grateful for my girlfriend Kelly, who leads us on adventures through our beautiful city! I am so grateful that I know what food makes me feel good! I am so grateful Kelly helps me get motivated to do chores! I am so grateful that Kelly gives me the best massages, I am so so spoiled!

I am so grateful to have a beautiful Nikon D70 that our wonderful friend Charlie gave us as a going away present when we moved from Illinois! I am so grateful to be done writing this post!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kelly Cree

    this made me so happy, thank you! the shavings image made me giddy! great way to open the post. i can see myself coming back to this sometime when i need to get hyphy :D

    remember how our only job is to feel good?

  • jessica mullen

    I LOVE MY JOB! i think i dreamt about it last night… man i need to start writing down my dreams again. i was getting really good at remembering them but now i’m back out of practice. i am so grateful i want to remember my dreams!

  • David Botevyle

    You mention meeting up with Jerry & Esther, what arrangements do you have in place?

  • jessica mullen

    they are coming to austin! http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/workshops.php

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