Bitin @kellycree’s style: rampage of appreciation #1

Bitin @kellycree’s style: rampage of appreciation #1

I watched Kelly type her rampage of appreciation and before my eyes SHE HAD TRANSFORMED. She had gone from ho hum to GIDDY AND LAUGHING from writing about what she was appreciating in her life. I had to try it.

I am allowing the universe to bring me what I need. I am letting go of so much resistance in my life. What at first feels like apathy and laziness, I begin to realize is the path to happiness. I am inspired to act, and don't act unless I am inspired. I am so grateful for all the delicious food I get to eat every day. I love looking at myself in the mirror when I wake up. I love my smile, my hair, my tanned skin & tattoos. I love who I am. I love the creative work I can accomplish when I let inspiration flow through me. I love each and every day, and I love all the amazing sensations that I am witness to. I love the contrast of feeling hungry versus feeling full. I love satisfying my hunger with whatever my body craves. I love not caring about what other people think. I love not giving a SHIT about what other people think. I am only here to make myself happy. I am only here to feel joy. I only do what brings me joy, and I do not act because of what I THINK someone else thinks. I do not know what they think, and I do not care. I am so happy to be in my physical body which does so much for me. My physical body is happy to take all the nourishment I give it and burn it accordingly. I am so energized by all the delicious vegan food I get to eat. My physical body is beautiful, and I admire it each day in every way. I love how it responds to my thoughts. I love how it lets me feel the air, and the ground, and feel the heat and smell the forest. I love what I create for myself every day. I love how I am never bored because I always have something new to create. I love the thoughts that come to me so that I can visually organize them.

I love how I can walk for miles on end and not feel fatigue. I love how I am able to afford all the nourishment I need to live a joyful life. I love how joyful eating makes me feel. I love the anticipation before eating, the feeling of food in my mouth, and the energetic satiety after. I love letting go of caring about bullshit like weight and calories. I love freeing up so much brain power to think about other things, like how good I feel! I love that I am such an excellent cook and can make a yummy vegan meal in no time.

I love that I am focusing on good feelings about my body for the first time in 20 years. I love how I am learning to appreciate the sensations of food being digesting in my stomach. I love that I am learning to like feeling full. I am so happy and grateful that I am able to pivot my thoughts from feelings of dis-ease to feelings of joy and appreciation.

I am so happy that my body tells me exactly what it wants and that it is easy to listen. I am so joyful that I only do things that make my body feel good. I am so happy that eating vegan food makes me feel so good.

I am so looking forward to our walk tonight. I am so grateful to have such a strong body that knows what it needs to feel good. I love that I have learned to interpret my body's signals. I am so grateful that no matter what I do with my physical body, my mental thoughts are what control it. My emotions are what control my body. I am so joyful to know this and to be able to constantly work my way up the emotional scale. I love this physical body and feel beautiful inside of it.

All that matters is feeling good!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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