Lesson 1: Introduction to Life Design

you are the magician!

Lesson 1: Introduction to Life Design

you are the magician!

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • swomprat

    Yesterday was an absolutely terrible day. My life has been imploding and the straw that broke the camel’s back was when my iPhone completely shit the bed last night. I was literally in tears in the Apple store. I bought a $30 Nokia phone at the ATT store and prepared to suck it up, but I was really upset that I lost most of my digital world from the past 3 years. This morning before work I checked my email and found your first mailing! I read through the Life Design Toolbox and tried to utilize nearly all of it on my 1 hour commute to my crappy job.

    The chocolate tart I made (from a new recipe) turned out wonderfully, and best of all, when I got home, I was able to fix my iPhone with ease.

    So thanks for helping me take time out of my day to try working towards positive goals and not concentrating on negative setbacks. :)

  • jessica mullen

    i am so so happy to hear your iphone got fixed!!!

    thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. i’m so glad that you were able to improve your day – just a little bit of effort to feel good can have such far reaching effects.

    now i need to go find me some vegan chocolate tart…

    cheers my friend! <3

  • Mouse

    I’m currently working on my NEW “about me” page and listening to the audio from the first lesson. I’m very excited that you’ve decided to do this School of Life Design and very grateful that you are doing this on a donation basis because I currently don’t have much money but am in definite need of a life overhaul! I’ve been wishing that there was someone out there who could help with my life overhaul (both online and off) and I’m so happy that the universe answered by bringing me here!! Thank you for being a positive light! Brightest Blessings Jessica!!

  • kimberly

    Hi Jessica,

    I have updated my About page. Let me know if you have any suggestions (:

    Like swomprat, thanks for your education and encouragement to be positive! It’s impact is truly awesome!

  • jessica mullen

    Mouse, hooray for working on your about page! I think it will serve you so well, I can’t wait to read it. Thank you so much for sharing your positive feedback and raising my emotional vibration today!

    kimberly, I LOVE YOUR ABOUT PAGE. I especially like the part about your parents, it reminds me that I would like to include something about my family as well. I am actually so inspired by what you wrote–every word feels genuine, and it makes me feel really positive about your entire site. RAD! My only critique, and it is advice I need to take as well, is to dream even bigger.

  • Rhiiannon Dwyer

    My brand spankin’ about me:

    A writer, sometimes-actress and self proclaimed monster expert I believe in doing what you love and intend to always lead by example.
    I am a third generation hippie and feminist, and I credit my family, my mother most of all, for providing me with the space and wisdom to grow into the strong, powerful woman that I am today. I believe in my own power, and I couldn’t have achieved that at such a young age without such wonderful influences in my life.
    Never afraid to stand up for something I believe in, what I most believe in is deciding to author your own life in order to live it fully and happily.
    Blogging allows me to pass my own lessons on, as I believe that teaching is the best way to learn and I never intend to be done learning.
    I am forever grateful that I get to live a life of adventure every day and call it my ‘day job’.

    Perfect timing too … I’ve been avoiding writing my about me for a while now.

  • jessica mullen

    Rhiiannon, hooray for perfect timing! Thank you so much for sharing your new About page with us!

    I love what you’ve written, most specifically because you are allowing yourself some freedom in the last paragraph. You’re not too worried about specifying what specific adventures you’ll be having, because who knows what opportunities might arise today!

    Grammatically, you could cut down the length of a couple sentences… I love that you are a monster expert, I want to hear more about that!

  • Stacey

    What a lovely exercise…thank you! I think I need to get more specific but I know that I took one large step forward in my about me. <3

  • Annie

    This isn’t as easy as it looks is it? But I’m doing mine now. As you said, it’s important to get down, so you get out there, so to speak. Also it reminds me of who I want to be and where I want to go. I had a completely crappy day yesterday and felt kind of lost, though I’m proud to say that I kept the positive thoughts going…even if I had to sit down and bloody well write them. Still a little exhausted from yesterday, so I’m being kind to myself and taking a day out to work on this and my website. That will help me as much as anything, because it will help give me a direction and start things moving. Will post my about me when I’m done. This stage I’m not aiming for perfection – sometimes I think the important thing is to just do it. Besides which I can change it later.

  • Juliet

    I am a multipreneur who enjoys learning new things, finding ways to do things better, & sharing joy. My goal in life is to achieve financial & creative freedom, so as to share my knowledge & inspire others joyfully. My website,radliving.wordpress.com, is my outlet to share what I learn, so as to reach out to like minded,entrepreneurial women. It will also be my online scrapbook to stay updated about my core business activities. Lastly,it is my creative outlet & white space in life

  • jessica mullen

    Juliet, hooray for your about page! My only suggestion – talk in present tense as much as possible. If you talk about things in the future, they will always stay in the future. If you talk about them like you already have them now, you’re getting in the feeling of having them. That feeling is what brings the things you want to you more quickly.

  • jessica mullen

    Stacey, I love where your About is going! I love the simple sentences in the beginning. They are lovely affirmations that make me really understand more about you.

    Annie, hell yes, just get going on it and you’ll be on the way! It is definitely important to just write down anything to get started – that way you start formulating your preferences and can start attracting the things you really want. If those things change tomorrow, then yes, you can just change it all! I’ve already changed mine a couple times since I wrote this post, hehe :]

  • Christina


    I finally did it, it was harder than I thought but so nice to just dream and really figure out what I want next Autumn to look like. :-)

  • Sarah marie

    http://www.blogger.com/profile/11866870982111092162 – here is a link to my new about me page. thank you guys for taking the time to share this with us<3

  • jessica mullen

    Sarah, I love your new About! I ESPECIALLY love the part about traveling through space & time in a blue box! THIS WILL HAPPEN!

  • Sarito:.

    I like you a lot, this conversation has been enriching.
    and I like no shit. –

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Sarito, it’s always such a pleasure to hear from you!

  • Rhina

    I stumbled upon your site through Gala Darling’s post. I started a 365 day experiment to manifest my dreams a reality on my blog yesterday. And today, I discovered your school of Life Design! I am so relieved to know that there are likeminded people out there. I love when synchronicity or “divine winks” show up unexpectedly to restore hope that I am going in the right direction. I cannot wait to apply your principles.

  • Emma

    I’m just reading through this post again and it’s really helping me get back into the swing of things. I love it all over again!

  • elisha

    I currently receive Gala Darling’s lovely emails in my inbox. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I’m too busy. However, when I checked my mail yesterday and found her interview with the two of you, I couldn’t pull myself away from it. You ladies have been on my mind since yesterday. And lesson 1 is the first thing I did when I got to work this morning (my job is really lax). You asked us to do an assignment, so I did it. You can find it here: http://beneaththeclovers.tumblr.com/yourstruly

    You were so right. It was fun and made me feel good about myself. Also inspired by you, I made a blog post of the things I am thankful for this morning.

    I really appreciate what you ladies are doing. It means a lot to me and I look forward to the upcoming lessons and podcasts that I know are much needed in my life, I will surely find them informative. Thank you for all that you have done and keep doing.

  • jessica mullen

    Rhina, I love the idea of divine winks! Abraham calls them “confirmations from source” and Kelly and I are always like “CFS!” So glad you stumbled my way!

    Emma, that is sooooo cool! Yay! I love it when you’re in the swing of things ;D

    Elisha, I just read your brand new about page. I am in love! I am so inspired by the eco-dome idea! Looking forward to hearing more from you :]

  • elisha

    Thank you Jessica, I’ll be sure to keep the two of you in mind when the “community” comes to fruition and we start sending out invites for our first art show. :) Oh yeah, where’s Kelly’s ‘About Me’? After listening to the accompanying discussion I looked for her’s in the comments, but couldn’t find it.

  • jessica mullen

    Yes I definitely want an invite! Kel’s about is here: http://www.kellycree.com/about/

    You get to it by clicking the tiny “i” icon on the top right.

  • Akilah

    This is awesome!! I am a Life Design Practitioner, and I teach women in particular how to define, design, and live their best case scenario lives. I’m so happy to have come across your site, and I commend you for creating a space where people can learn about, explore, and apply these principles to their lives. We need this, and it when practiced, we can truly start BEING our ideal selves instead of having occasional brushes with our greatness. I don’t believe in self-improvement, but I do believe in best-self-actualization. Life Design created that in my life, and it’s great to see that you’re sharing it’s Light too! Happy Designing!

  • jessica mullen

    Hey Akilah!
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this! Your site is great – I’m so glad there are more and more of us taking control of our experiences!

  • Rhina


    You’re such a breath of fresh air!! Thanks for sharing~

    So allow me to introduce myself through my first Life Design assigment on my About Me page…



  • Alex

    Jess, I found your site through Gala Darling around the same time that my life and I collided in a back alley, at which point my life slapped me, kissed me passionately and said “where the hell have you been?”

    This is exactly what I need right now. Amazing! Magickal! Thank you for creating this!

  • jessica mullen

    Rhina, again – it was such a pleasure to read your About page! Your last line is exquisite, “I am an accomplished entrepreneur, independently wealthy, a permanent traveler, exhibiting artist/designer/stylist, voraciously learning, creating and inspiring others to do the same.”

    Alex, HOT! So glad to be a part of makeout sessions with LIFE!

  • Abs

    Thank you for creating this place of positive energy and forward momentum. I want to develop that self motivation to enjoy my life and to create more moments in which to enjoy it. Thank you for being apart of that journey.

  • jessica mullen

    Hey Abs! You are very welcome! I promise that when you decide to invite more joy into your life, it gets easier and more fun every day.

  • The Dame

    My ideal About Me description:

    “The-Dame.com is intended as a positive women’s life design magazine website where others can find inspiration and advice on how to design their own happy life.

    By living my life exactly how I want to, I lead by example and by meeting and profiling others doing the same, I give more examples of how following your heart can be done.

    Ive been hired to photograph various events, people and places as well as write for numerous magazines and websites. I have also had the opportunity to speak to audiences about creating your dream life.

    My passions are travel, photography, meeting new people and sharing my finds to inspire others.”

  • Sharon

    Sharon is an 18-year old student trying to figure out the meaning of life.

    Passionate for all things learning, a devourer of books, a sometimes drawer and a permanent writer, admirer of pretty things, searching for spiritual illumination, languages devotee, she uses her website for personal purposes in her quest for the reason for her, and the entire world’s, existence.

  • jessica mullen

    LISA I LOVE your new About!! So dreamy! I’m so excited to follow your journey, and I love reading your new site!

    Sharon, wonderful! Enjoy your quest. From what I’ve seen, the answers are nothing but love, beauty and joy :]

  • Sharon

    Haha, that was my second attempt at it- I’ve done three more already. I’m still not pleased at all with the results. I find it so hard to write a Future about me rather than a present one. Or, in other words, I find it hard not to end up writing a Real Me About me page instead of a Higher Self About me page. I think it’s because I still don’t know exactly what I would like my HS About page to be like.

    I’d also like to thank you, truly, for eveything you put here in your site. You have motivated me in levels that I cannot express and I have even started a blog of my own, one that I am taking seriously. I have been working on it for the past week, but I would like for it to be ready when I link you to it.

    For now, only this: THANK YOU!

  • jessica mullen

    Sharon that is so awesome! Of course you should be writing and writing more and more versions! Thank you for reminding me about that, because I need to rewrite mine! It’s such a fun exercise – because you can’t do it unless you know what you want! And figuring out what you want is the work you came to physical reality to do!

    I can’t WAIT to see what you do with your site!!!

    <3 xo!

  • Sharon

    OK, here it is, the final version. Let me know what you think! Please check out this entry; I think you’ll enjoy it. ^__^

  • Jen

    “I’m 27 and I’m obsessed with improving my life. I’ve been married and separated. I’ve completed high school and dropped out of community college. I am bad at completing chores. I’m excellent at leaving crumbs in my bedsheets. I’m a fantastic friend. I’m an adept cuddler.”

    Teach me, Sensei!

  • Jen


    I’m having some trouble getting my links and posting down, I am so very sorry if I flooded your comments!

  • jessica mullen

    Sharon, HOLY CRAP thank you for that beautiful post you wrote about the school! As for your about page, it is so well written and romantic! My only advice is that as soon as you’re comfortable, change “She aspires to be a well-known journalist,” to “She IS a well-known journalist” and the faster that will be your reality!

    Jen, you are adorable! I’m so excited for you and your new site! I love the blog title too :] As for your About, make sure you’re including things you want to remain in your reality! If you are happy to be bad at completing chores (ha I am too), leave that in there, but don’t let things you’re bad at define you! I love that the most important things in life – being a good friend and cuddling – are what you’re emphasizing. I want to know what else you’re adept at, I think humor is definitely one of them :] Also, saying you’re obsessed with improving your life is BRIL. Improvement has no choice but to come.

  • Jen

    Thank you, Jessica! I appreciate the feedback, and the compliments! I am feeling so inspired by your idea of constantly re-writing our ‘About Me’s.. because we’re always changing! I’m going to work on mine again right now.

  • Ange Friesen

    My days are spent writing (novels, screenplays, songs, blogs, and what have you), learning new things (American sign language, kundalini yoga, how to properly chop an onion, and so much more), and, through it all, cultivating joy. As a writer I examine the intricacies of human connection, sharing them with my readers, connecting people with the hope and love and beauty of life. I’ve created a life that I love, populated by my amazing friends and family, a ridiculously adorable cat, and the most nurturing, fulfilling, and fun romantic partnership I could ever have imagined. We travel the world together, collecting inspiration that we then carry back to our lovely home by the sea where we write and draw and sing and laugh and play and love.


    Also, I am awesome.

    [p.s. thanks for creating a space for exploring. so. much. fun.]

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Ange! Beautiful About! I want to do more yoga so bad, I think I might have to add a line about it in my page! I really enjoy this line: “As a writer I examine the intricacies of human connection, sharing them with my readers, connecting people with the hope and love and beauty of life.” Perfection.

    And you are very welcome for the space, it is 100% fun for me too :D

  • April

    I just love your website. This really open my eyes and heart to revise my about me page. I will truly follow the life design school, This is what I needed. I would love for you to take a look at my About Me section and tell me your thoughts.

  • Miss Tess Aquarium

    Wahoo, this is so much fun! I just discovered your site and it’s such a blast. It’s really time for me to get back to bed but I revamped my about page. http://www.misstess.com/about

    It’s so hard to sum it all up but this is jabbing in the right direction, my old one was Booooorrring! My business is my life but it’s hard to narrow down and portray to the world.

    I got to thinking about how to do it this weekend after SxSW. My friend runs a record label and we went down to throw a party. It’s hard to portray that we are more than just a record label, it’s surrounded by a whole community of creative people who come together to do awesome things and have a good time. The challenge is how to let the world know that’s how we do things. It will be interested to be working on this at the same time as my friend :)

    I feel like my business is more than just what I make and sell, but I’m trying not to confuse my potential customers who would, ideally, be coming to my site to buy things! I’m sort of weighing the options of separating my costuming business website/blog from a personal blog but it’s really hard to seperate them. And where do I put other creative projects, etc etc. From my end this is all just part of my life and I want to share it, but I’m worried about confusing my customers.

    Anyway, it’s good to get the ball rolling and see happens! <3

  • jessica mullen

    April, oh my goodness your About is HOT! I am so grateful you linked to your site, I don’t know anything about tantra philosophy & lifestyle and I’m so curious about it. I subscribed to your site and can’t wait to read more.

    I love your perspective on sensuality. It’s completely refreshing and inspiring. Your focus of “health, weight loss, sensual dances, tantra relationship and metaphysics of law and attraction” is fantastic, it seems like you know exactly where you’re going. My only suggestion is to rewrite your About page often to keep yourself challenged and interested and constantly moving towards what you want.

    Tess, WOW your about page fills me with such appreciation, your life sounds SO DREAMY. Making beautiful clothes (which are PRECISELY my style I might add), trapeze & stilting?!?!?! Your page is so professional yet so almost fairy tale, you make living a colorful blissful fun life seem effortless!

    A suggestion about your creative community, maybe you could incorporate video to show the energy of the events. It sounds so beautiful, I want to know more!

    One thing I like to do is keep my personal blog (or my lifestream, where I write every day) off the main page of this site, so only articles are on the front. That way someone can choose to see my personal life if they want, or they never have to know.

    Organizing your whole life onto a website is a daunting task but it’s so much fun. One suggestion is to pick the three most important things in your life and focus on those, or see what kinds of themes there are in your life. Flow arts, clothing, party throwing? Having fun, playing, while looking sexy and trippy? Ha I don’t know, but I LOVE YOUR WORK and am so excited to see how it unfolds for you!!

  • Kirsten Olson Malinee

    Jessica! You have inspired me in such a big way. Thank you for being so generous with what you share here.

    My first assignment isn’t on my About page yet, but it will be as soon as I get all the linking and menus and other goodies set up. I set up a new category for Lifestreaming and it’s my latest post on my blog. I kind of wrote you a butt-kissing love letter on my blog and linked back to you. I hope whoever shows up to read the post will come and check out The Life Design School.

    Again, mucho thanks. I am so excited to have found this site.


  • Kirsten Olson Malinee

    And I got so carried away I forgot to post the link:


    (I forget to attach things to emails all the time too. Especially the ones that begin, “Please find attached…”.)

  • Miss Tess Aquarium

    Thank you so much for the advice! I’m excited to enact some of it!

  • Louise

    Hi Jessica,

    I was waiting until I had a computer of my own to start my lifestream, but I just can’t hold it off any longer! Please take a look at my first About Me page and let me know what you think :)

  • jessica mullen

    Louise your About Me is beautiful! It really makes me appreciate what you’ve got going on! I love “we spend our time at gigs and workshops” I totally want to do that too… And I love “My income is generated from my blog – a big beautiful delicious cycle of fun” – that’s PERFECT! Thanks for sharing, you’re really inspiring me today!

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