doing some easy pushups. My strength is increasing so much every day!

  • David Botevyle

    How did you get your bruise? (I usually get them on the shin while playing with the kids in softplay arenas.)

  • jessica mullen

    got shot with a paintball gun while walking down south first st.

  • David Botevyle

    Shot with a paintball gun!

    Can’t believe that all you initially lead with is a comment about easy pushups? Surely that’s not an everyday occurrence in Austin and more noteworthy than a few brief exercises!

    (I’ve done paintballing a few times and had some nasty injuries, the last being on my wrist which took weeks to heal. I remember the organisers saying that when played in hot weather (which you no doubt are experiencing at present), the accompanying high pressure increases the power of the guns as it increases the pressure of the compressed air in the capsules, it can therefore do a lot more damage to the skin and cause more bruising.)

    Seems an awful thing to happen, would you care to say more about the event?

  • jessica mullen

    i chose not to post about the incident because i do not wish to bring more crap like that into my life. basically kel & i were walking home around 2a when we were both shot by a person in a passing car with a paintball gun. quite startling!

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