Class is now in session!

design joy

Class is now in session!

design joy

Today I have been thinking about teaching. When Kelly & I returned home from our 9 mile walk to & from campus, the idea entered my head that the time has come to start teaching again. Then when I opened my email, I saw a job listing for a design position at a university in Toronto. Tempting, yes. My sister called & we talked about it, & she reminded me that it was what I wanted to be doing all along anyway. I went to graduate school to get my MFA so I could teach, & now it is time to make that happen!

This site is now the course materials for MY IDEAL DESIGN CLASS. Wee! It sounds so exciting! I will cover many topics, including website design, lifestreaming, life design, & web development. I will also focus intently on positivity, magick & the law of attraction, because the Internet we manifest today is influencing everyone's future.

In addition to this free resource website, I will also be available for private tutoring, phone consultations, email discussions & emergency problem-solving. As a teacher, I am at my best one-on-one. I am patient, understanding & have plenty of experience.

Teaching design is not about me knowing something that you don't; it's about knowing how & where to look for the right information. Everything you need to learn is on the Internet, & together we can find it! Your intuition will do the rest.

I'll begin with the basics, follow a loose syllabus, & veer into new territory when inspired to do so. I will include video, image, text & code. I promise to be transparent & honest.

Anyone with an Internet connection can design the web presence (& life!) of her dreams. Design on the Internet is a lot more than just making websites now. It's about using the Internet to find what you want & create the reality you deserve.

If you aren't interested in learning to code, don't worry! After a while you will be so driven to design things exactly the way you want them, that learning a little bit of code along the way will be easy & even fun!

I have taught three web design classes at the University of Illinois, & was a teaching assistant in Design History for the University of Texas. I have a BFA in Graphic Design, & I worked at several design firms in Chicago before freelancing for the past four years. My MFA Design thesis proposes that lifestreaming is a life design methodology. I'm ready to mold all of these ideas & experiences into one comprehensive, regularly updated guide, to keep in your pocket whenever you need it.

As I prepare these course materials, I invite you to ask any questions you might have about graphic/web design, lifestreaming, life design, the Internet, or positivity. What do you wish you could do with your website? What excites you online? What would make your life easier? What are your deepest digital desires? ;D

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kelly Cree

    Looking forward to the first assignment!

  • jessica mullen

    w00t i didn’t even think about assignments! i’m going to assign you a school praaahject.

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