Lifestream inspiration #6: the beautiful Internet

tshirt surgery

Lifestream inspiration #6: the beautiful Internet

tshirt surgery
The past few weeks I've been really into cutting up my tshirts to breathe some new life into them. I'm super excited about my latest tshirt surgery discovery, which resulted in the above beauty! This is the tutorial I used:

Ever want to kaleidoscope a website? Now you can!

You might have noticed my recent obsession with fractal imagery. PSD Tuts taught me how to make them!

The Interplanetary Internet: Towards a Matrioshka Brain? gave me goosebumps! The article talks about the possibility of us being simulations in a computer, & the potential that our descendants will be indistinguishable from the network we now know as the Internet. What do you think?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kelly Cree

    you are the fractal master! sooo impressed.

    also, massively feeling your t-shirt mods. sexay!

    i also love that you have not been wearing a bra. i should do an inspiration post about that.

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