How I got out of yet another funk

salad fractal

How I got out of yet another funk

salad fractal
Staying inspired, connected to Source & full of joy is my full time job. When I woke up this morning feeling depressed & like I had the flu, I knew I wasn't doing my job very well. I eventually figured out that it must have been food poisoning, but I managed to cure myself with the following!

Eat a salad

I've been totally overindulging in cooked delights. Did you know that wheat gluten is like an opiate drug, producing similar feelings to endorphins in your brain? In my experience, diet is the single most important factor in mood regulation. As soon as I ate my delicious kale salad, I started feeling heaps better.

Make fractals

After my mood started improving with the salad & watching a little Esther & Jerry, I sat down to get to work. But I was still feeling blocked & tired. Lately, whenever I have that feeling, I start making fractals! This mindless creative activity always results in beautiful imagery (I made the image above today), & usually clears my mind enough to get inspired again.

Give up alcohol FOR GOOD

As you may have noticed, I perform a lot of dietary experiments on myself. I've been working on removing alcohol from my life for several months, & invariably I return to it during social gatherings. I imbibed at our housewarming party on Friday, which resulted in me feeling SO UNBEARABLY HORRIBLE. Compared to the previous week of unparalleled sobriety, I was in hell! Finally, I've experienced the contrast I needed to officially say that I. DO. NOT. DRINK. I feel such extreme relief that I never have to think about it again! Cheers!

Do what you are inspired to do

I was going to work on some website maintenance tasks this afternoon, but wasn't feeling any joy from it. So I started making my fractal image & composing this post in my mind. I've been completely obsessed with Steve Pavlina's 30 Days of Inspiration, during which he is "testing what it’s like to live without thinking or planning ahead." He is only doing things when he is inspired to do so, & from what I've read the trial seems to be incredibly rewarding. I believe that following inspiration is a sure path to joy, so I'm excited to try a similar experiment on myself. My first wave of inspiration–read Kelly's pizza post!

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  • Kelly Cree

    i didn’t even know this is what you were over there doing! great post, and I love how you mentioned following what made you joyful instead of doing what you thought you should do or what you said you were going to do today. i bet writing the post helped you feel better too.

    get well soon, my darling!

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