Photos from the last day of my Second Life job with UT

Photos from the last day of my Second Life…

view of downtown
Yesterday was my last day of work as program coordinator for the TUE VLCI grant project in Second Life.

view from the tower
I worked on the 22nd floor of the Tower at the University of Texas at Austin, in a department called the Division for Instructional Innovation & Assessment. I had the privilege of working with many beautiful souls who made the year breeze by.

mario and me
Mario was my supervisor. We travelled to Dallas together to do Second Life training, coordinated all of the Second Life meetings, & generally kept the project going together. The photo above is us in my office.

mario and morrie
Mario shares an office with Morrie.

Down the hall from me is Mark!

mario and rachel
Also on the 22nd floor works Rachel, a wonderful woman with lots to share about shamanism & lottery strategy!

me and sara
Sara works with DIIA as well, & is a total sweetheart. She made everyone delicious bread for Christmas, though sadly I had just gone vegan at the time & could not partake!

me and sam
Sam is another graduate student who works with DIIA, & we collaborated together on a video project for the VLCI.

me in the office
Sadly I did not get photos of all the fantastic people who I had the pleasure of working with this past year, but I will remember them forever! I am happy to be moving onto the next phase of my life, but will always remember this time of growth & virtual world innovation fondly!

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