7 habits for daily happiness

7 habits for daily happiness


After many experiments in self-discipline, exercise, diet & spirituality, I've identified a few things that I KNOW make me happy if I do them every day. As Kelly & I ease into our next experiment in wealth, I want to bring these habits back into my life!

  1. Wake early. This is a really tough one, but so worth it! When we get up at 5a, we can meditate & run before it gets too hot out. Exercising in the morning totally energizes me for the rest of the day.
  2. Meditate. When I meditate daily, I am less anxious, more mindful, more in touch with the universe, & more focused on visualizing my desires. Meditation helps me get what I want!
  3. Exercise. It's true, you can get addicted to the endorphins that come with exercise. Running, bicycling & pushups are what I'd like to do every single day!
  4. Eat (mostly) raw. I now know for CERTAIN that eating a raw vegan diet is what my body wants to feel its best. However, my mind often wants the comfort of warm carbohydrates, so I am willing to compromise. I eat all raw throughout the week, then allow myself a little cooked food drug on the weekends. Deprivation sucks! But eating raw is ideal for natural energy.
  5. Create! I know I am happiest when Kelly & I are recording the podcast & I am posting articles to this site daily. The podcast is a way for us to keep our relationship healthy & preserve memories. This site is my obsession! It's kind of like looking in the mirror–every time I look, I find something I want to improve.
  6. See friends. It's easy to get caught up in air conditioned work & hide inside, but I find that I am happiest when I socialize at least once a day. Besides, if I am the average of the 5 people I spend the most time with, I want surround myself with rawsome folks :]
  7. Always be grateful for what I have & visualizing what I want. When I know what I want & am grateful for what I have, I open myself up to accept abundance from the universe!

What habits make you happy? Are they hard to keep up with every day?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Todd

    1. Never be part of the status quo or stagnating systems that cause people to be miserable. Always be associated with creative solutions that free people from their misery. Those liberating solutions should cost little or no money, and there are costs involved in solving someone’s problem, offer to pay for it, absorb the cost.

    2. Treat every day as if it were the last opportunity you’ll will ever have to learn something new.

    3. Learn something new everyday, then share it ( see item #1 )

  • jessica mullen

    Todd, thanks for the thoughtful comment! Your altruism is admirable :] I love the items about learning & sharing.

    Your big picture vision is much needed in this world.

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