A walk to the farmers market in 10 pretty pictures

A walk to the farmers market in 10 pretty…

We finally figured out how to make it through mid-day walks in the hot Texas sun: UMBRELLAS.

Aren't we cute?

more water

We needed to stop for lots of water breaks.

There is a beautiful view of downtown from the 1st street bridge.

i love holes
I love holes with bars & plants covering them.

We made it to the farmers market & chilled in the shade. We got Fredericksburg peaches. Kel wanted a vegan taco but they sold out...

Then a nice lady approached us to get us to register to vote, so we updated our registrations for our new address. How convenient!

On the way home we stopped for Sugar Mama's cupcakes. We always think it's going to be so awesome, but the flavors today were subpar–chocolate covered cherry & mint chocolate chip. Sure it sounds good, but they are too overwhelmingly sweet! My cupcake tooth has been silenced for a long time.

I am so happy & grateful we had the energy to go on a long walk today!

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