Notes on our 5.5 day fast!

Notes on our 5.5 day fast!

First, the weight:

  • Day 1: 127
  • Day 2: 126
  • Day 4: 118.2
  • Day 5: 116
  • Day 6: 114.8

The first day was easy. The second & third days were definitely detox days. We had serious aches & pains, & started feeling very weak. The 4th & 5th day, the hunger pangs started going away. But we started getting pretty bored of lying in bed. We had no energy to move around, but my mind was racing & I was able to get my work done perfectly fine. Day 5 shit started getting real old. My knees hurt & my leg muscles were super sore. I was starting to HATE movies & tv, at least the crap available on Netflix & Hulu. The 6th day my weight went below my 115 weight goal I'd set a while ago, so I think my mind started giving up. I don't want to weigh much lower than that because it's way too difficult to maintain. Today we managed to go swimming but started to go crazy from being in the house so much. WE ARE DYING TO EXERCISE. So we talked it over, decided to end it with a glass of OJ.

I've since had half a glass of spinach smoothie & a handful of apple chips. My stomach felt pretty funny at first, but I can feel energy flowing into me. I don't get dizzy when I stand up anymore!

But... we are going to Karibu for some cooked food & wine right now... Good idea? Bad idea? I care not :P

Jessica Mullen
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  • Kelly Cree

    great collection! thanks for putting all these in one place.

    i do so love these posts :)

  • jessica mullen

    haha weird your comment went to a strange place

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