Lifestream inspiration #5: food, design, blogging tips & tech love

Lifestream inspiration #5: food, design, blogging tips & tech…

I have been meaning to do an inspiration post for weeks, so I have lots of things to share! I will try to keep them organized…


  • First, we have raw vegan ice cream bars from Veggie Wedgie. We haven’t tried them yet, but they look incredible.
  • We made this white chocolate dark chocolate raspberry torte with Annalise. The first piece is incredible, but don’t eat too much or the cashews become a little overpowering!
  • We’ve been buying a lot of raw ingredients on Amazon because they are nearly half the price of Whole Foods! Check them out for raw cacao, hemp oil, & hemp protein.
    raw ingredients
  • This raw vegan dude, Philip McClusky, is so sexy. He did a 100 day juice fast & tells us everything about it.

Blogging, music & design

All the rest!

What’s inspiring you this week?

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