A list of things to manifest! | week of 7.12.10

A list of things to manifest! | week of…

i am so happy and grateful!
This week I am fasting. For 10 days! It is an experiment in self-discipline, spirituality, & cleansing. We won't be running our training miles this week (only walking!) and without having to cook, I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands! Instead detailing how I want every day to play out, I want to share my list of things to manifest. That way, I don't have to figure out HOW things are going to happen, but only the end results I want!

Making a list of things to manifest is like placing your order with the universe. Figuring out what exactly you want & telling the world about it gives the universe a chance to bring you what you most deeply desire! People who don't ask for what they want don't get it. The universe is abundant & there is plenty for everyone!

This week I am so happy & grateful that...

  • I am following my joy. My joy is creating & sharing & inspiring!
  • I am healthy. My mind, body & spirit are in tip-top shape.
  • My life is a carnival! It is full of glitter & sparkling lights & super fun rollercoasters. I meet fascinating people everywhere I go & there is always more to explore!
  • Lifestreaming & creating inspiring multimedia articles is my high-paying job! Seriously, I cannot think of a better job to have. Live life, document it, & distill it into gorgeous artifacts to share.
  • I am INCREDIBLY disciplined. Did you know Anna Wintour goes to bed at 10:15p every night?? I'm talking that level of discipline!
  • I have one million readers a month on this site! Can you believe it?! ;]
  • I am a muse. Who doesn't want to be a muse?
  • I am in love. I worried that this item is not specific enough, but on second thought, I want to be in love in every possible way! I am in love with my girlfriend, with my family & friends, with my city, with my life. I want that feeling ALL THE TIME, the butterflies, heart in your throat, IN LOVE.
  • I am constantly inspired! Every experience is a source of creativity.
  • Every article I write is a chapter in my pattern language book.
  • I have a brand new NEXUS ONE! I'm eligible for an iPhone 4 upgrade, but Mr. Barnard is convincing me to choose better.
  • I exercise & meditate daily! These things I am CERTAIN are keys to happiness.
  • Money is POURING INTO MY LIFE. I am debt-free & have more than enough money to have & do all the things I desire.
  • I need only four hours of sleep! True story!
  • I am thin & beautiful & strong!
  • I experience FUN & MAGICK everywhere I go.
  • I have fun & loving friends!
  • I have my period! um... lol.
  • My friends & family are happy & healthy. I hope this one doesn't count as trying to control other people :P
  • I eat whatever I want & never gain weight! Except when I'm doing that whole fasting thing...
  • I'm living the life I want NOW! The more I think about it, the more I like things how they are! Not to say I don't welcome change, but I live in a beautiful city with a beautiful girl in a beautiful apartment doing beautiful work. Life IS good :]
  • I am going to Amsterdam & Berlin in October! Kelly & I are making the trip! We are so excited, we have yet to actually travel "for fun" together.
  • I am detached. Attachment is the root of all suffering, & I want nothing to do with it!
  • My life is an abundant trip! Who needs hallucinogens when I constantly feel like I'm tripping? Life IS the trip!

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your list of things to manifest! Share in the comments? <3

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kelly Cree

    loved it! i think i definitely need to make a similar list for myself.

    life IS the trip!!

    …i’m still tripping.

    ps, do you want to trip soon?

  • jessica mullen

    i think going to the mall counts as tripping…

  • Todd

    “I have a brand new NEXUS ONE!”

    Whoa. wait.

    You *did* by one, or this is a projection of what you *may* do?


  • jessica mullen

    todd, definitely a projection! but by acting as if i already have one primes the universe for a special delivery ^_^

  • Zilla

    You’re website is really awesome. I’m coming here more and more often and I feel like each time I soak up a little more positivity. I’m recovering from anorexia at the moment, and when I have a ‘banging head against the wall day’, writing a list like this is going to really help me. Thank you!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Zilla! I checked out your camping adventures on your site, it made me miss camping SO DESPERATELY.

    Good luck with your recovery. I’ve been there for sure! Not anorexia, but bulimia… Positive thinking seems to really help!

  • jetta vegas

    LOVE THIS! i’ve been wanting to do a post like this, but i’ve been so busy with shop stuff (which i am SO GRATEFUL for!!), that i haven’t had much time to dedicate to blogging! keep it up, jess. your blog is GLOWING with positive energies. i can feel it every time i visit. ((: xo

  • jessica mullen

    thanks jetta! your feedback means a lot to me! i’m so glad your shop is going so well!!

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