THE NEW PLACE in 10 photos

THE NEW PLACE in 10 photos

Pwny will show you around.

the foyer
This is the foyer.

Our exquisite living room!

The opposite side - the office.

Spacious kitchen!

Kel did an amazing job in the pantry.

Skeleton shower curtain is in a much better place now. In a shower.

The bed in the still undecorated bedroom. Spiderwebs on the way.

The soon-to-be-relocated armoire with jewelry tree (hmm... haven't found the jewelry yet) & covered-up old tower for rainy days in bed.

Lastly, the closet! It is huge, & needs to be sorted through again.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kelly Cree

    loved this! i still haven’t been able to bring myself to do photos.

    i just don’t care? i do but i kinda don’t

    idk wdyt?

    p.s. comments link at the bottom, pls

  • jessica mullen

    maybe you should do photos when we finish for real real with the lights & hanging shit on the walls

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