How to augment meditation with jewelry & imagemaking

How to augment meditation with jewelry & imagemaking

Spending a lot of time on the Internet connects us together as people, but can disconnect us from our higher selves. One remedy for this is regular meditation.

Kelly & I began meditating together once a week last March to see if it could increase our level of wellness. We loved it so much that we now do it 20 minutes a day, six days a week.

Everyone has a different way of meditating. My preference is to combine deep breathing with chakra visualization. I take deep breaths, inhaling for 10 counts, then exhaling for 10 counts. As I inhale, I visualize energy flowing into my crown chakra, & as I exhale, I picture the energy activating that chakra. On the next inhale, I pull energy into my third eye chakra, & continue the breathing process for the rest of the chakras (throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, base of spine) until they are all activated.

Once activated, I hold the energy in my body & visualize the things I desire in my life. Essentially, I use this time to ask what I want from the universe, and to see if it resonates with my higher self.

The more vividly I can picture the active energy in my body, the more successful the meditation is for me. I was having trouble remembering the colors associated with each chakra, so I made an elaborate necklace (slash headpiece) to wear. Making the necklace helped me remember each color perfectly, and enabled my visualization to progress.


Now when I meditate, my chakras take on unique visual properties inspired by the necklace I made. The crown becomes a mass of purple crystals. The third eye is a cluster of blue stars. The throat is a ripple in a minty pool of water. The heart (my favorite) is an open farm field with violins playing. The solar plexus is a spray of yellow mist, and the navel is a group of orange globes. The tailbone is red & rippling like water in the bottom of a well. This is sort of what it looks like to me:


This form of meditation is much different from the clearing-your-mind-of-all-thought variety. Ideally, I would like to practice both types of meditation, using visualization in the morning & head-clearing in the evening.

Do you have a meditation process? What do you visualize? What do your chakras look like? Draw me a picture?!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kelly Cree

    red one looks like period blood.

    joking aside, though, thank you for this post. i enjoyed the insight into your meditation practice. since everyone does it differently, its fascinating to hear what other people do.

    and i love the idea of making something to help you remember the chakras colors. plus what you made is so beautiful! love the photos, too! i would frame the image at the end!!

  • jessica mullen

    aww thanks, & lmao the period blood effect is 100% intentional.
    menstruation is a very important part of… life

    i want to read a post about your meditation experiences please!!

    thanks for peepin :]

  • Jessica Reilly

    You are beautiful and amazing. I don’t think you know how inspiring this post is, or maybe you do. Meditation is so wonderful, I must take part in it more. I love the photo you created and how you arranged your chakras with what they feel like to you. Wonderful!!

  • jessica mullen

    thank you jessica!
    i would love to hear about your techniques!

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