Telling my future | week of 6.28.10

Telling my future | week of 6.28.10

Telling my future is an exercise in autobiographical science fiction. Before you can go somewhere in physical reality, you have to go there in your head! What would your week look like if you could design it exactly the way you wanted?

I leave my perch in the Tower where I work & race home on my bicycle. As I sip on a fresh spinach smoothie, I finish posting my future (this future?), just barely escaping a bizarre time warp opened in the blogosphere.

I edit & post my crying EFT video and feel such relief that it actually worked! It's like a switch has been flipped in my head, & I no longer have the desire nor capacity for late-night zombie nom sessions. After 21 years of watching the battle of head vs. stomach, HEAD HAS WON!

After a rawsome kale salad dinner, Kelly & I embark on more packing. I empty my file cabinet & find $1,000 I had no idea was there! OMG WTF this is blowing my mind. I set aside a small stack of papers to scan & post about later, we edit & post a badass TPP ep, & I go to sleep grinning like a fool!

Now that we're on day 10 of our 100% raw diet, I'm starting to not need as much sleep. I wake at 4a & write a pretty article about chakras before meditation & breakfast.

We cheerfully break our 3 mile run record time! While we are out, Paypal notifications pour into my inbox. Donations?? For ME?? Feeling ecstatic & additionally rather sexy, I tromp into work to blow through my final-report-writing in 2 hours. Writing 10 page papers in 2 hours is my specialty, after all!

Kelly & I spend a giggly afternoon running our last pre-move errands. After more scrumptious salad-for-dinner, we drop off our smoothie smooths to our friends & get to some straight chillin.

I get up early & record some lifestream propaganda! I am frantic trying to communicate how much this shit works! Seriously guys, no joke.

We run & brainstorm & enter a new level of sober-tripping. I pour the feeling into a tiny necklace charm to keep with me in case of emergencies.

I bring my computer to work & do the maddest multitasking a Millenial can do before bicycling back home. We have just a tiny bit of packing left to do! We work through the afternoon & spend one more evening parting with our worldy possessions. Things have started to get weird in the space-time continuum, & we're starting to feel like we might be moving further than we originally thought.

I seriously am not needing much sleep lately. I wake before 4 & have an article written before 6. We meditate & run like fiends & I go into work to put the finishing touches on my Final Report. Back at home, we record & post the podcast, saying goodbye to our home on the east side. We spend the evening in Internet Fun Land & are not sure if we are in Second Life or Real Life.

Definitely back in real life for a moment, we pick up the key to our new place & sign the lease. In just a few trips most of our stuff is already there. So many friendly people to meet! We have definitely picked the chillest spot in Austin to live. & what a difference smiling makes when meeting a mass of people!

Tonight we are meditating, because we need to prepare for our shift to an entirely new perspective on life! Meditating, & also massively relaxing.

My dad greets Kelly & me at 8a. The most painless move I have ever experienced is over before lunchtime. We eat rawsome salad bar! & my dad eats flesh, but his mind is opening up more every day. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US MOVE DAD! :D

Miraculously, & somewhat mysteriously, we are unpacked. We have Internet. & it is time to celebrate! We set off to explore our new surroundings & are greeted with irresistible opportunities at every corner. We find a door to a carnival & meet a man who talks in two languages at once. We visit an underbelly of the city that makes everything look different when we come back out.

Not to change the subject, but my weight is down to 119 today! I have finally broken 120 pounds! Jesus fucking christ what a relief. It's a little early to judge, but let's say case closed on the EFT. It works! We spend the day swimming & lounging. I am fasting... so that 115 goal is coming right up!

In the evening we relax in minimalism & simplicity, & I get ready for the next week of my Internet life.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • jessica mullen

    kelly’s feedback: be more outlandish in your predictions, keep the narrative arc in mind.

    muchas gracias kel!

  • Kelly Cree

    i enjoyed reading this! i am definitely looking forward to the next installment and seeing how the project grows. wonderful post!

  • jessica mullen

    thanks kel! your feedback is invaluable! i want to be more creative… but then i’m like, i enjoy our regimen…

  • Kelly Cree

    haha you’re right! our regimen is our dream, so that should be what you write about. i never thought of it like that.

    i love our regimen too!

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