notes on this morning’s pretty hard 3 mile vibram run

notes on this morning’s pretty hard 3 mile vibram…

We kept up our pace from Tuesday at 11:13/mile (which is a sort of gross estimate, since we don't wear our phones anymore). We actually left early for once, at 6:53a! The sun was rising and it was partly cloudy, so I didn't get to work on my MEGA TAN. But holy hell, it makes an enormous difference to run at 7 instead of 10!

My right hammy was wangin, but it was tolerable. My feets are still bruised on top, which is pretty freaky. Nothing serious, though. We will probably walk our Saturday miles again because we don't want to injure ourselves before beginning fo real training.

The pollen must have been up, because this shit was hard today! But we pwned it, and it feels awesome.

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