notes on this morning’s 3 mile vibram run with our BEST TIME YET

notes on this morning’s 3 mile vibram run with…

Our pace today was 11:13/mile! The sun was out in full force and I felt like I was in a cozy dream. Kelly and I are getting better at talking while running in the vibrams as well, so we were able to discuss some shit I have to do at work and go on and on about how grateful we are to live in this beautiful city :]

We walked our long Saturday run instead of running it last weekend, but we ended up walking 9 miles instead of 7, so I don't feel too guilty. I wanted to cut my feet some slack because they are bruised in the weirdest places–on the side of my left big toe and on top of my right foot. Why?

I am getting SO EXCITED about beginning full marathon training the first week of July. But we need gym memberships or we will melt! We will be joining UT again if we can scrounge up the funds.

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