Telling my future: Thursday

Telling my future: Thursday

photos by me & kevindooley

I am waking from a lucid dream, slipping out of one reality to another. It is 4:55am and my alarm hasn't gone off yet. I am gliding to the toilet, to the scale, high fiving my new 122lb self. I am checking my email, and I am seeing 5 new subscription alerts from paypal. I am thanking the universe! I am plotting a special diary entry for my benefactors.

images by me, and lotospin.

I am slowly waking Kelly via full body smash, and we are eating breakfast and learning our daily tarot card. We are energized from our fruit salad of bananas, strawberries, blackberries, chia seeds, frozen grapes & blueberries. We are meditating and I am able to concentrate on breathing. We are leaving the house to go for our easy three mile run, giddy to start making magick with the day. We are running our fastest time yet. We are getting extra shower time ;]

I am bicycling to work, thankful I am wearing sunscreen! I am smiling and full of ideas. I am beginning a day at a Second Life conference, and I am happy to be tethered to Internet all day. The conference is going so smoothly! And I am checking things off my to do list, one by one. I am eating my lunch from home, apples and magick pellets. I feel like I'm on speed! The day is whipping past.

images by me, erix, and chantrybee.

I am walking through campus towards my bicycle. I am talking to a woman who might be a witch and who might be my new mentor. I am bicycling home and feeling the moment. I am home and eating salad and talking excitedly with Kelly, about our plans for tomorrow.

We are visiting our shaman, and taking a journey.

photos by David J. Gray and Sudhamshu.
This post is an exercise in visualization, declaring to the universe my intentions and desires for the future.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • jessica mullen

    I would like to mention that I made it to 122.8 this morning! WOOT! No witch on my way out of work though.

  • Molly B

    this post made me cry. i don’t know why. i think i relate to you in a lot of ways. also, i need to start sharing again i think.

  • jessica mullen

    Molly, aww I hope they were tears of joy ;]
    I’m so happy to hear you can relate. I just went scrolling through your site, and your photos are delightful!
    Looking forward to reading more from you :]

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