notes on today’s delicious 7 mile vibram run

notes on today’s delicious 7 mile vibram run

Today was our first "longish" run since the marathon. After the marathon, we started an easy training schedule to break in our Vibrams. We've been trying to do 3 miles Tuesday, 5 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, and 7 on Saturday. So far we had only managed 2 Saturdays of 5 mile walks. So today we managed to run 6.5 out of the 7, and at our best pace ever, 13:42/mile! That beats our marathon pace of 13:45.

We totally overate last night but it gave us tons of energy for today, effectively burning off the excess calories (burned almost 700). We ran from home (mild stomach issues due to strawberries!), then did two miles at an outdoor UT track. Then walked up the major hills and ran the rest of the way home. It felt incredible, like I had been missing it so much. I'm super excited to start our full marathon training schedule in July. The only thing I would change is leaving earlier (we left around 9a)–it's starting to get wayyy to hot to be running past 10a. Next week I hope we can leave the house by 7a.

The Vibrams are going well, though I still wear bandaids on my bunionz for long runs–it's going to take a while to get the proper calluses. But I feel like my knee and back are realigning, into the way they should be moving. Upon return home I feel incredibly energized and my mood about the day and my life has been completely lifted.


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