lifestream inspiration #3: hot girls on the Internet

lifestream inspiration #3: hot girls on the Internet

Today's lifestream inspiration is brought to you by some hot girls on the Internet. Seeing people share themselves in beautiful ways makes me excited about lifestreaming!

1. Evelyn Cates is a vegan, WoW playing, super sexy alt model and 'cam girl'. I probably came across her in the "vegan" Twitter search column in my Tweetdeck. I follow her blog, where she mixes diary entry type posts with hot pix and videos. I'm guessing her video chats at are smokin.

2. Ok so not exactly a hot girl on the Internet, but modeled by hot girls on the Internet, Jungle Tribe steampunk militia bags are my ultimate survival-pack wet dream. The SPM blasting bag 4.0 in dark brown leather pictured above would be perfect for exploring the city on hallucinogens, or whatever it is you like to do with your hands free.

3. FUNokay! is a pretty girl I somehow found on Flickr, and I adore her self portraits. The above I found here and here. I so need to get back into nice self portraits, maybe even with a real camera!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kate

    ” Jungle Tribe steampunk militia bags are my ultimate survival-pack wet dream.”

    Oh yeah I am so with you here… steampunk style… is amazing. That image is fabulous.

  • jessica mullen

    isn’t it gorgeous? the bags they make are exquisite. i guess not quite vegan though… but i want!

  • Kelly Cree

    idk if i would say steampunk style is amazing. though it can be nice if done well. i think often it is done bad. baad bad bad.

  • Kelly Cree

    forgot to mention, i really liked this post. more of these please!

    i enjoy the images. they add a nice texture. i guess its nice seeing images someone else created? i def want to do more similar posts on my site. akin the RV research post i did. i think part of what i liked about that was the imagery. it mixed it up.

  • jessica mullen

    thanks kel! i have some ideas for a new type of post to talk to you about in the morning.

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