notes on today’s 3 mile vibram run

notes on today’s 3 mile vibram run

mood: slept 6 hours last night, and woke up right before my alarm went off. I love it when that happens. Had a slow start to the morning, but I was looking forward to the run. My calves are pretty sore from yesterday, but after the first mile they stopped hurting so much. I just kept smiling and saying hi to people and telling myself "this run feels great", and it really did.

nutrition: banana, few strawberries, chia. Got pretty hungry, but thought that the bars we had last night would be enough to power through. Mostly...

weather: beautiful, sunny, 70s.

conversation: started talking about my ideas for my next ARTRIP.

effort: 4/5. I felt a tiny bit weak and sore, and really pushed myself on the way home to keep running and not walking. Ended up walking the last 2 blocks for a cool down but our pace was still good.

time/pace: 00:40:18, 12:57/mile

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