notes on today’s 5 mile vibram run

notes on today’s 5 mile vibram run

mood: very good! We got up on time at 5:30a, ate breakfast and meditated and were out the door. Positive thinking about the runs really helps them be easier and more enjoyable. You just have to visualize what you want it to be like, and it will happen!

nutrition: banana, few strawberries, frozen blueberries & chia. Was a little hungry on the way home, could have done with a magic pellet too.

weather: beautiful!! Achingly beautiful! Partly cloudy and 70s.

conversation: talked about what we're grateful for. It's an invigorating topic.

effort: 3/5. We definitely had to push ourselves to run the last two miles home but it was worth it! My feet are feeling a little worn out–mostly just working on new callouses for this type of shoe. All up in the bunionz area. Band-aids help.

time/pace: 01:07:50, 13:53/mile

Jessica Mullen
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