Filtered lifestreams taste better.

Filtered lifestreams taste better.

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Lifestreaming is very useful for personal empowerment and self-evaluation. But creating a lifestream that other people want to read is an entirely different story. After publicly tracking, in detail, many facets of my life for the past two years, I've come to realize that it can be exceedingly boring to watch.

My lifestream has helped me design a life I love living. But I want to help other people use lifestreaming to enhance their own lives. So I removed all the banal updates about myself from the main feed, leaving only posts that explore life design, learning and lifestreaming.

This site is about using lifestreaming to learn about yourself and the world, so that you can design the life you want.

The category "lifestreaming for utopians" may include posts about lifestream workflow, things to try posting, and above all, realtime examples of why sharing our lives online is a positive and powerful way to improve daily life. The goal of sharing our experiences with the world is to increase understanding between us. In a lifestream utopia, constructive and destructive forces still exist, but we replace privacy with empathy and shared understanding.

My podcast Learning with Lifestreaming will be about using lifestreaming to learn life to the fullest. I argue that lifestreaming can replace institutional education. It used to be that one needed a college degree to live the "good life." But with endless knowledge on the Internet at our fingertips, a new paradigm is unfolding.

I am still exploring types of premium subscription content in my lifestream. I don't want to lock up important knowledge, but I also need to make a living. I welcome any suggestions in that area :] For now I will be investigating tarot card readings for subscribers, creating lifestream worksheets, posting source files and unedited podcast videos.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.