About my work with lifestreaming

lifestreaming in class

About my work with lifestreaming

lifestreaming in class

With the vast amount of updates I publish to my lifestream, it's easy to get lost in the details. To clarify my research path as a Design MFA candidate at the University of Texas, I want to explain what it is I study and how it is relevant to learning.

Lifestreaming is the act of documenting and sharing your life online. A lifestream website collects all of the things you publish (e. g., photos, tweets, videos, or blog posts) and displays them in reverse-chronological order.

My research tests lifestreaming as a life design methodology. By publicly documenting my life at jessicamullen.com, can I become more accountable for my decisions, strengthen my reputation, break bad habits and live my passions?

As a learning tool, lifestreaming may help students become more active, self-directed learners. Students who used lifestreaming in a course at the University of Edinburgh reported increased motivation for exploration and sharing. Lifestreaming one's learning process can encourage participation, preserve a record of engagement, and build a portfolio of knowledge.

After graduation in May, I will continue my investigation into learning with lifestreaming as a both an educator and lifelong student.

Jessica Mullen
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  • Lisa

    That’s amazing! A photo of us in class…and we’re all awake! :)

  • jessica mullen

    It was definitely a kodak moment!

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