5 ways to love Mondays

5 ways to love Mondays


I try to look at each Monday as an opportunity for a fresh start. No matter how unproductive the weekend was, or how much I'd rather stab myself in the face than go to class, if I do these things I can have a pretty good attitude that lasts throughout the day.

1. Wake up as early as you can.
I've been getting up at 3am on Mondays lately, which seems obscene typed out, but it's really quite sustainable. If I get enough sleep on the weekend and go to bed early Sunday night, having the couple extra hours to myself in the morning helps me prepare for the week.

2. Do pushups.
I'm getting back into the habit of daily pushups. I do 50 as soon as I wake up, right before I jump in the shower. It wakes me up, gets my muscles feeling delicious, and over time the results are super worth it.

3. Groom! Shave your legs, paint your nails, shape your brows.
If I feel sexy, I have a sexy day. And I don't feel very sexy with chipped nail polish and hairy legs. Feminist critique aside, taking the extra 15 minutes to focus on your appearance gives you that much more confidence when you step out the door.

4. Plan your meals and calorie budget for the week.
Kel and I have been in the habit of planning our meals for a few months now. We use a whiteboard in the kitchen, and have started filling in the calories next to each meal. This has resolved so much stress in our lives! Now we know exactly what to shop for, we only have to think about what we're going to eat once a week, and it seriously cuts down on eating out. Adding the calorie count makes me extra aware of when I go over my budget, and I'm hoping it will cut down on mindless snacking or too-big portions.

5. Make your lunch.
I always set aside time to make my lunch. It's pretty hard to find vegan options on campus anyway, but bringing my own lunch allows me to be flexible when and where I eat. I save LOTS of money by not eating out, and I snack on apples in the morning and afternoon. Our Texas Caviar keeps great in a Tupperware and we make a double batch to last us all week.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Claudia Horsey

    You go girl!
    Thanks for this post, now I’m excited about Mondays too :)

  • jessica mullen

    woot! glad it got you excited! it works for me every time :]

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