lifestream inspiration #1

lifestream inspiration #1

The following are my tasty treasures of lifestream inspiration to get me through the weekend. What is inspiring you today?

A friend from college, Jonathan, introduced me to Die Antwoord today. Yo-landi's hair alone is LIFE CHANGING MOTIVATION to do something different.
Die Antwoord - Taking Over The Interweb

Next, Kelly and I are working on a MONTHLY PUBLICATION! Temporarily titled UTOPIA, it will be a PDF lifestyle design zine debuting in March for my inaugural birthday issue. I came across the following publication the other day, which contributed to our run-fueled decision. The New Minimum: "Our priority is to match good content with great art direction."
The New Minimum

Lastly, I have been OBSESSED with Zoetica Ebb lately. She pulls together her diverse interests and activities into one exquisite brand. Writing, fashion, art & photography all so delicately consistent, carefully orchestrated, and painfully gorgeous. I need to steal her site category scheme.

by allan amato

Zoetica Ebb // ā€” Art, style, space adventures

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Apollo

    I’ve been hooked on Die Antwoord for a few weeks now. Their album is very fun and the videos they’ve released are wonderfully weird. I always feel there must be more going on with the group than there first seems to be, like the mystic progeria survivor that appears in the “Enter the Ninja” video.

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